• Dr. Pankaj Shah
  • Dr. Dileep Srinivasan
  • Dr. Mithun Shah
  • Dr. Nahush Tahiliani
  • Dr. Nidhi Jain
  • Dr. Mrugank Bhavsar
  • Dr. Mahesh H Patel
  • Dr. Siddharth Shah
  • Dr. Mahesh D Patel
  • Dr. Aditi Bhatt
  • Dr. Priyanka Chiripal
  • Dr. Kamlesh Patel
  • Dr. Mukesh Patel
  • Dr. Kaustubh Patel
  • Dr. Dipak Patel
  • Dr. Kalpesh Shah
  • Dr. Hitesh Modi
  • Dr. Raghuvir Solanki
  • Dr. Jatinkumar Bhojani
  • Dr. Sandeep Jain
  • Dr. Sunny Gandhi
  • Dr. Milan Mehta
Medical Oncology & Haematology


Medical Oncologist

Present Assignments

  • Medical Oncologist at Zydus Hospitals, SG Highway, Ahmedabad
  • Vice President Gujarat Cancer Society
  • Special Advisor to Chairman GCRI
  • Professor Emeritus: Medical Oncology Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
  • Trustee Sadvichar Parivar

Position Held

  • Director GCR1 2002 to 2011
  • Chief of Medical Oncology: GCRI 1973 to 2002
  • Founder teacher — D.M.Medical Oncology at Gujarat University 1993 - 2011
  • Secretary Gujarat Cancer Society 1994 - 2002
  • President Indian Society of Medical and Pediatric Oncology 1997 - 1999
  • President Indian Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion 1993 - 1994

Award and Orations

  • B.C.Roy award 2005
  • Santosh Mitra Oration - Indian Society of Hematology and Blood transfusion - 2000 Hyderabad
  • J.B.Chatterjee Oration - Indian Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion to be delivered at Calicut, 25th October 2002
  • Annual Oration Indian Society of Medical and Pediatric Oncology bienual meeting-Patana 2008 Excellence in Oncology Award" by Ruby Hall, Pune on August 24, 2007
  • Galaxy Oncology Annual Oration - New Delhi - May 2010
  • Madan Mohan Ramanlal GCR1 luminary oration award 2012
  • Publications - 182


MD, DM (Oncology)


Institution Name
DM (Medical Oncology)
BJ Medical College
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
MD (Internal Medicine)
Lokmanya Tilak Muncipal Corporation Sion Hospital, Mumbai
Mumbai University, Mumbai
BJ Medical College, Sasoons, Pune
Pune University, Pune

Present Position

Consultant Medical Oncologist at Zydus Hospitals, SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Professional Experience

Consultant Medical Oncologist at Rajasthan Hospitals & Gujarat Medical & Research Centre since the last 7 years. Working as Associate Consultant with Dr Pankaj Shah, Ex director Gujarat cancer research institute since last 7 years. Also working as visiting Medical oncologist in Shalby Multispeciality hospital and Naryana Hrudayalaya since 1 year

Post Doctorate Training

  • Worked as Senior Specialist Registrar under Dr Navin Khattry in Bone Marrow Transplant unit, ACTREC, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, for 6 months from September 2008 to March 2009, during which period, have assisted in more than 25-30 allogenic and autologous transplants, cryopreservation of stem cells, apheresis techniques of different blood products and in bone marrow harvests. Also involved in retrospective analyses of transplant data of acute myeloid leukaemia and lymphomas.

Doctorate Training

  • Worked under the overall guidance of Prof (Dr.) Pankaj M Shah and Prof Dr Asha Anand in the field of Adult Oncology, Haematology, and Paediatric Oncology
  • Worked as Co-ordinator in various clinical trials
  • Thesis on "Induction Chemotherapy followed by Concurrent CTRT vs. Radiotherapy alone in locally advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma"

Doctorate Training

  • "Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma of Tongue — A Case Report". Published in Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology
  • "Pleural and Pulmonary Lymphoma" Haematology Today A case base approach editied by Dr. M.B. Agrawal
  • "Giant Mesenteric Fibromatosis in Gardner's syndrome". Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Cancer
  • "Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma in a patient of Li Fraumeni's syndrome"
  • Accepted for publication in Post Graduate Journal of Medicine
  • "The role of Chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma"
  • Accepted for publication in Gujarat Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
  • "Late onset hepatic venoocclusive disease post autologus peripheral stem cell transplantation successfully treated with oral defibrotide: A case report"
  • Under consideration for publication in Journal of Cancer and Research Therapeutics


M.B.B.S, MD [Medicine], DM [Medical Oncology & Hematology]

Academic Details

  • M.B,B.S, Pramukh Swami Medical College, Sardar Patel University, Karamsad, Gujarat
  • M.D (General Medicine), B.J Medical College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • DM (Medical Oncology and Hematology), Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Work Experience

  • Worked as an Assistant Professor in Medical and Paediatric Oncology department , GCRI since 13th August 2018. Well versed with all kind of oncological procedures and having extensive first hand experience of all Chemotherapeutic drugs along with targeted and Immunotherapy drugs. Also skilled in Clinical Research and Medical Education
  • Senior Residency (Superspeciality course) for 3 years at Department of Medical and Paediatric Oncology at GCRI Ahmedabad
  • 3 years of General Medicine Residency at B.J Medical College, Ahmedabad
  • Post MD experience of 4 Years


  • Poster presentation: “Multiple Myeloma Invading Central Nervous System: A Case Report ”JIC, January’2017
  • Oral presentation: “Pazopanib in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: Experience from single center study, efficacy and safety”. MOSCON, January’ 2017


  • Tahiliani N, Kataria P, Patel A, Kendre P. Proptosis and hemiplegia as an initial manifestation of multiple myeloma. J Postgrad Med 2018;64:243-6
  • Kataria P, Kendre P, Patel A, Bohra M, Tahiliani N .Tamoxifen Induced Pancreatitis: An Unusual Complication Of Commonly Used Drug. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2017 Aug, Vol-11(8): XD05-XD06
  • Kataria P, Kendre P, Patel A, Tahiliani N, Ikhar S. Methotrexate-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis: A rare case report and review of literature. Indian J Crit Care Med 2018;22:740-2
  • Kataria PS, Kendre PP, Patel AA, Tahiliani N, Bhargav V, Parekh H. Rare occurrence of hand-foot syndrome due to paclitaxel: A rare case report. Indian J Pharmacol 2018;50:284-6
Bone Marrow Transplant & Haematology

Current position

  • Consultant Hemato-Oncologist & Bone Marrow Transplant Physician at Zydus hospitals

Professional Qualifications:

  • DM in Clinical Hematology from PGIMER (Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research), Chandigarh, India From year 2014 to 2016.
  • MD in Internal Medicine from Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM (King Edward Memorial) Hospital, Mumbai, India from year 2007 to 2010.
  • MBBS from Government Medical College Nagpur, India, from year 2000 to 2005

Special training

  • Clinical Observer in Acute Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplant at Royal Melbourne Hospital & Peter McCallum Cancer Center, Melbourne, Australia – Oct. to Dec. 2016.

Clinical Experience

  • Dr Nidhi Jain is highly experienced in managing hematological disorders as she has worked in various prestigious institutes of the country. After completing her MD Medicine from the esteemed medical institute, Seth GS Medical college & KEM hospital in Mumbai, she worked for 18 months as an Assistant Professor in the department of internal medicine at Sir J.J. Hospital Mumbai.
  • Dr. Nidhi Jain joined as a lecturer in the department of hemato-oncology at Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum, in 2012 where she worked for 2 years. RCC is a tertiary referral center for the patients with various types of solid organ and blood cancer in the states of Kerala and Tamilnadu as well as other parts of India.
  • Between January-2014 and December-2016, she obtained her super-specialty training in the field of Clinical Hematology at PGIMER, Chandigarh and for 3 years she got trained in treating patients with various types of blood disorders including training in performing bone marrow transplant.
  • She also got a chance to spend 2 months for special training in Acute Leukemia & BMT at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia.
  • Dr. Nidhi Jain has also worked at Lions Cancer Centre, Surat for 1 year.

Clinical expertise

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all types of blood cancers like Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, Myeloproliferative disorders, etc.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of complex and unexplained anemia, thrombocytopenia, various types of bleeding disorders and clotting disorders
  • Bone marrow transplant.
Onco Critical Care


Consultant Critical Care At Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad

Surgical Oncology
Head & Neck


M.S ,

Educational Qualifications

  • MBBS - BJMC 1982
  • MS - BJMC 1987
  • MCh - BJMC 1991

Work Experience

  • Worked as various position From 1991 to 1993 & appointed as assistant prof.of surgery from 1993 to1994 at GCRI.
  • Joined as Hon.assistant surgeon in 1997 to 2001.
  • Appointed as assosiate prof. of surgery in 2001 & worked till 2016.
  • Appointed as MCh PG teacher from 2009
  • Appointed as MCh Examiner in Theory and Practicals for Gujarat University.
  • Worked as Unit Head of Head & Neck Cancer Speciality.
  • Have organized Conferences & CME of Head & Neck Cancer.
  • Was Invited as a faculty in many Conferences in india.
  • My work of Head & Neck Cancer Surgeries has been Published in Various journals and has also been presented at Various Conferences.
  • I am much more involved in Head & Neck Cancer Managment Since 1991.
  • I am practicing as Consultant Cancer Surgeon For Last 23 yrs.
  • I was Unit Head in Head & Neck Speciality at GCRI.
  • I have experienced of All types of Head & Neck Cancer Surgeries including
  • Composite Resections For Cancer of Tongue, Jaw & Buccal Mucosa.
  • Marginal Mandibulectomies
  • All types of Neck Dissections
  • Thyroid Surgeries
  • Parathyroid Surgeries
  • Parotid Surgeries
  • Post-Cricoid Surgeries
  • Larynx Surgeries
  • Maxilla Surgeries
  • All types of Salvage Surgeries

Present Position

Consultant, Head & Neck and Skull Base Onco-Surgeon at Zydus Hospitals, SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Professional Affiliation

Ex-Associate Professor, Department of ENT and H&N Surgery, Pramukh Swami Medical College, Karamsad, Anand, Gujarat

Educational Qualifications

M.B.B.S (2003) & M.S (E.N.T) (2006), B. J. Medical College & Civil hospital, Ahmedabad

Professional Training

  • Fellowship (Skull Base Surgery) at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Fellowship (Head and Neck Oncology) at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Aastha Oncology Associates, HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad

Professional Expertise

  • Anterior Skull Base Tumors (Endoscopic and Open Cranio Facial)
  • Lateral Skull Base and Temporal Bone Malignancies
  • Head & Neck Oncology
  • Head & Neck Reconstruction

Other Areas Of Interest

  • Speech and Swallowing Rehabilitation
  • Facio-Maxillary Trauma Management
  • Difficult airway management in pediatric and adult patients

Clinical Experience

  • Treated around 1000 head and neck cancer patients including endoscopic anterior skull base and temporal bone tumors

Society Memberships

  • Skull Base Surgery Society of India (SBSSI), India
  • Foundation of Head and Neck Oncology (FHNO), India
  • Associate Member of European Laryngological Society (ELSOC)
  • Life member of Gujarat Society of Head and Neck Oncology (G-SHNO)
  • Life member of Indian Voice Association (IVA)
  • Life member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)


  • Sejal Shah, Siddharth Shah, Harish Padh, Kiran Kalia. Genetic alterations of the PIK3CA oncogene in human oral squamous cell carcinoma in an Indian population. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology, November 2015,Volume 120, Issue 5, Pages 628–635
  • Doshi Neena P, Shah Siddharth A, Patel Keyuri B, Jhabuawala Munira F. Histological grading of oral cancer: a comparison of different systems and their relation to lymph node metastasis. National Journal of Community Medicine 2011;2(1):136-142
  • Shah TM, Patel AK, Bhatt VD, Tripathi AK, Shah S, Shankar V, Joshi CG. The landscape of alternative splicing in buccal mucosa squamous cell carcinoma. Oral Oncol. 2013 Jun;49 (6):604-10
  • Jakhesara SJ, Koringa PG, Bhatt VD, Shah TM, Vangipuram S, Shah S, Joshi CG. RNA-Seq reveals differentially expressed isoforms and novel splice variants in buccal mucosal cancer. Gene. 2013 Mar 1;516(1):24-32
  • Shah S, Bhat V, Gupta D, Sinha V. A Study of Correlation of site and size of perforation with deafness. Indian Journal of Otology; Vol. 12. Sept.2006(47-49)
  • Vikas Sinha MS, Siddharth Shah MD, Manish Ninama MD, Devang Gupta MD, Bela Prajapati MD, Yogesh More MD, Vadisha Bhat MD, B.K.Kedia MD. Nasal Myiasis: J. Rhinol. 13(2), 2006:120-123
  • Vikas Sinha, Prashanth Pillai, Ajay George, Rizwan Memon, Ankush Arya, Siddharth Shah. Rhinoplasty – Our clinical experience; Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Vol.58 (2), Apr-June 2006:144-146
  • Vikas Sinha MS, Sudipti Sinha MD, Devang Gupta MD, Yogesh More MD, Bela Prajapati MD, Vadisha Bhat MD, B.K.Kedia MD Manish Ninama MD, Siddharth Shah MD. Choanal Atresia: Surgery by Puncture, Dilatation and Stenting. J.Rhinol.13 (2), 2006:124-127
GI,Lung & Thoracic


Surgical Oncologist

Present Position

Consultant G.I and Thoracic Onco surgeon at Zydus Hospitals, SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Professional Experience

  • Consultant G.I and Thoracic Onco surgeon at HCG Cancer center Ahmedabad from oct 2013 - march 2017
  • Gujarat Cancer Research Institute Ahmedabad – Associate Professor surgical oncology from December 2012 – October 2013
  • Gujarat Cancer Research Institute Ahmedabad – Assistant Professor surgical oncology from March 2009 – December 2012
  • Specialist Registrar in G.I Oncology in TATA Memorial hospital, Parele Mumbai from September 2008 - March 2009

Professional and Educational Qualifications

  • M.B.B.S – J.N Medical College Belgaum 2001 (State entrance examination)
  • M.S (General Surgery) - B.J Medical College Ahmedabad 2004) All India entrance examination
  • Senior Resident General Surgery B.J Medical College Ahmedabad 2004-2005
  • MCH Surgical Oncology Gujarat Cancer Research Institute Ahmedabad 2008(B.J Medical College Ahmedabad) All India entrance examination

Work Experience

  • Have special interest in G.I and Thoracic oncology especially HPB oncology
  • Doing Robotic G.I and Thoracic surgeries which include oesophagectomy and whipples
  • Routinely doing all Laparoscopic surgeries for G.I and thoracic malignancies
  • Was In charge of I.V.T.C (Intervention Therapy center) from 2010 - 2013 at G.C.R.I .
  • Doing all interventional endoscopy procedures like E.R.C.P Oesophageal, Duodenal, Ileo colic and Colonic stentings
  • Conducted training programme in G.C.R.I for 2 years for D.M and D.N.B Gastroenterologist in Endoscopy and E.R.C.P
  • Have done over 1000 E.R.C.P procedures till date
  • Have one of the largest unpublished series of thoraco laproscopic oesophagectomy post NACT/RT
  • Can access you tube videos under Mahesh D Patel surgeries

Professional Membership

  • Treasurer of Gujarat chapter of society of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeons of India (SELSI)

Few Professional Activities

  • Live demonstration of esophageal stenting, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy and biliary stenting in 4th national SELSI conference in 2011 at Ahmedabad
  • Demonstrated the first live cadaveric liver resection techniques in India in the International hepato pancreatico biliary workshop at Ahmedabad in 0ctober 2012
  • Video presentation at the 2nd Asian robotic congress In South Korea November 2016

Journal Publications

  • Largest phyllodes tumor-case report and brief review article; Indian journal of surgical oncology June 2011
  • Pattern of lymphatic metastasis in relationship to the depth of tumor in oral tongue cancers: A clinic pathological correlation; Indian journal of otolaryngology and head &neck surgery march 2012
  • Laparoscopic gastric mobilization in post cricoid cancer surgery; Journal of laparoendoscopy and advance surgical technique October 2012
  • Case Report of Largest Primary Intrathoracic Desmoid Tumour with Review of Literature Austral Asian journal of cancer January 2013
  • Emergency Hepatic Resection a Life Saving Procedure in Ruptured Hepatoblastoma: Case Report .Indian journal of surgical oncology june 2013

Chapters Written

  • Evidence based management of cancers in India -Tata memorial hospital 2009 publication
  • Guideline for management of complications of cancer treatment of liver and bile duct
  • Guidelines for management of complications of cancer treatment of colorectal surgery
GI, Peritoneal, Gynaecology

She is an expert in ‘Peritoneal surface oncology’ that deals with peritoneal cancer- stage 4 abdominal cancer. Till few years ago, these cancers were treated with chemotherapy alone and patients survived only a few months. With surgical treatment, some of these patients can have a prolonged survival and can even get cured.

Dr. Aditi Bhatt has obtained special training in performing cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for these cancers at a world renowned center in France. She is one of the first surgeons to start performing such surgeries in the country and has one of the largest experiences of over 150 procedures.

The outcome of this treatment depends on the quality of the surgery which takes around a 100 procedures to master.

She was also one of the first surgeons to start performing PIPAC in the country She has published several scientific papers and a book on this subject and has organized workshops for training other Indian surgeons.

At Zydus we have the first dedicated unit for the treatment of peritoneal cancer offering both HIPEC and PIPAC in Gujarat. Such treatment needs expertise in other specialities as well like medical oncology, anesthesiology and intensive care, radiology and pathology which is available at our center.

This treatment is expensive and represents a substantial financial burden to patients with stage 4 cancer who may have already spent a lot on other treatments. At Zydus we offer this treatment at a substantially lower cost compared to the few other such centers in the country thus making it affordable for most patients.

Current Employment (November 2017)

  • Currently working at Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad


  • 2009 - Master of Chirurgie (Mch) in Surgical Oncology, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI), B J Medical College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • 2005- Master of Surgery in General Surgery, B J Medical College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    Gold medal for highest marks in MS (General Surgery)
  • 2001- MBBS, B J Medical College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


  • Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris, France (March-May, 2010)
  • Paul Brousse Hospital and hepatobiliary centre, Paris, France (June-2010)
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center (May 2102)


  • Gold medal for securing the highest marks in MS (General Surgery), Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. (2009)
  • Best abstract award at the 10th world congress on peritoneal surface malignancies, Washington DC (Nov 2016)

Published scientific papers

  • Bhatt, A., Prabhu, R., Sethna, K., et al. (2017). The “homemade” HIPEC machine – a cost-effective alternative in low-resource countries . Pleura and Peritoneum, 0(0), pp. -. Retrieved 3 Dec. 2017, from doi:10.1515/pp-2017-0022
  • Bhatt, A., Mehta, S., Ramakrishnan AS et al. Setting up of the Indian HIPEC registry- a registry for Indian patients with peritoneal surface malignancies. Indian J Surg Oncol (2017) 8: 527.
  • Bhatt A1, Sheshadri D, Chandan G, Ramaswamy V, Pandey J, Bhorkar N, Agrawal D, Mehta S. Outcomes of cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for pseudomyxoma peritonei of appendiceal origin from two Indian centers: A preliminary five-year experience. J BUON. 2017 Jan-Feb;22(1):251-257
  • CRS and HIPEC for PMP- Use of the LC-CUSM to determine the number of procedures required to attain a minimal level of proficiency in delivering the combined modality treatment (in press)
  • Bhatt A1, Sheshadri D, Chandan G, Ramaswamy V, Pandey J, Bhorkar N, Agrawal D, Mehta S. Outcomes of cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for pseudomyxoma peritonei of appendiceal origin from two Indian centers: A preliminary five-year experience. J BUON. 2017 Jan-Feb;22(1):251-257
  • Kamath GD, Bhatt A, Ramaswamy V. A Rare Case of Adenoma Malignum: Preparing for the Unforeseen.J Obstet Gynaecol India. 2017 Feb;67(1):70-73
  • Bhatt A, Mittal S, Gopinath KS. Safety considerations for Health care Workers involved in Cytoreductive Surgery and Perioperative chemotherapy. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2016;7(2):249-257. doi:10.1007/s13193-016-0503-7
  • Bhatt A, Glehen O. The role of Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) in Ovarian Cancer: A Review. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2016;7(2):188-197. doi:10.1007/s13193-016-0501-9
  • Bhatt A, Goéré D. Cytoreductive Surgery plus HIPEC for Peritoneal Metastases from Colorectal Cancer. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2016;7(2):177-187. doi:10.1007/s13193-016-0499-z
  • Bhatt A, Mehta S, Seshadri RA, et al. The Initial Indian Experience with Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC in the Treatment of Peritoneal Metastases. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2016;7(2):160-165. doi:10.1007/s13193-016-0500-x
  • Mehta SS, Bhatt A, Glehen O. Cytoreductive Surgery and Peritonectomy Procedures. Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2016;7(2):139-151. doi:10.1007/s13193-016-0505-5
  • S. J. Valle, N. A. Alzahrani, W. Liauw, P. H. Sugarbaker, A. Bhatt, D. L. Morris Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) Methodology, Drugs andBidirectional Chemotherapy. Indian J Surg Oncol. 2016 Jun; 7(2): 152–159. Published online 2016 Feb 5. doi: 10.1007/s13193-016-0498-0
  • Rangole Ashvin , Bhatt Aditi, Jain Nikhilesh Preoperative Management of Patients Undergoing Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Indian journal of surgical oncology p1-7. Online first 22 June 2016
  • Review article titled ‘Management of Recurrent Carcinomas of the Uterine Cervix’, Oncology Reviews April 2011 (Springer)

As Editor

  • Associate guest editor of the special issue of the Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology-Volume 7 Issue 2, 2016
  • Editor- Management of peritoneal metastases- Cytoreductive surgery, HIPEC and beyond (Springer) (in press)


Served a reviewer for

Annals of surgical oncology, European journal of surgical oncology, Future medicine and PLOS one journals, Indian Journal of surgical oncology, Indian journal of gastroenterology, Indian journal of gynecologic oncology, Indian Journal of surgery

Workshops organized

  • Organized Ist HIPEC workshop in India with the peritoneal surface oncology group international (PSOGI)- Bangalore April 2015
  • 2ND HIPEC workshop with ACOS meeting in Delhi- 2016
  • 3rd HIPEC workshop with the Indian cancer congress in Bangalore in 2017

As Faculty at Conferences

  • ESSO advanced HIPEC course, Genk, October 2017
  • PSOG1 2016
  • NATCON IASO 2016- Session moderator- Management of peritoneal cancers
  • NATCON IASO 2015Guest lecture- HIPEC for ovarian cancer
  • ISMPOCON 2016 panelist; moderator
  • Best of ASCO 2016 and 2014 – panelist
  • UGICON Ahmedabad, 2017- HIPEC for gastric cancer (debate)
  • AGOICON 2017- Minimally invasive surgery for ovarian cancer(debate)
  • IASO NATCON 2012 Guest lecture on HIPEC for ovarian cancer
  • Surgical Society of Bangalore annual Meeting 2012: Guest lecture on Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for peritoneal carcinomatoses
  • Tech and Tech Conference at the Banglalore Convention Centre 2011: Technological advances in Surgical Oncology: Role of HIPEC

Papers and posters presented

  • Best abstract- Indian HIPEC registry- A registry for Indian patients with peritoneal surface malignancies. 10th World congress of peritoneal surface malignancies, Washington DC, USA, Nov 2016
  • 6 posters presented at the same meeting
  • Initial experience with CRS and HIPEC for PMP - 9th world congress on peritoneal surface malignancies, Amsterdam 2014
  • Factors affecting recurrence in SCC of the Buccal Mucosa: A study of 250 cases- Our experience. Poster in Indian Association of Surgical Oncology and British Association of Surgical Oncology conference held at Hyderabad, September 2008
  • Two Synchronous Malignancies of the Buccal Mucosa with Field Cancerisation: Paper presented at the Gujarat Society of Head and Neck Oncology Annual Meeting, Ahmedabad. December 2008
  • Insulinoma: A Rare Pancreatic Tumour. Paper presented at Clinical Conference held at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad, October 2007
  • The Expanding role of RFA in Surgical Oncology Paper presented at Clinical Conference held at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad, July 2008
  • ‘The Effect of Preoperative Chemotherapy on Loco regional disease in women with Operable and Locally Advanced Breast Cancer’
    - Our Experience at GCRI .Paper presented at Clinical Conference held at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad, February 2009
Breast Cancer



Institution Name
Oncoplasty Training
April 2017
Oncoplasty training, Breast
services, MSKCC, USA
Oncoplasty Training
March 2017
Oncoplasty training, Plastic Surgery department, M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
June 2015 - March 2017
HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad
Oncoplasty Training
April 2015
Oncoplasty training, breast department,
Cleveland Clinic, Florida, USA
Oncoplasty Training
March 2015
Oncoplasty training, breast department,
Royal Derby Hospital, UK.
Oncoplasty Training
June 2014
IEO Oncoplasty course at Milan,Italy
Oncoplasty Training
Aug 2013 - Nov 2014
Fellow at TMH, Department of Breast Oncology
M.S. (General Surgery)
May 2010 - April 2013
Sheth V.S. General Hospital is a 1000 bedded tertiary care hospital situated in the centre of Ahmedabad
Internee Doctor
March 2009 - March 2010
3 months of intensive training in each major subjects like Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Preventive and social medicine & allied subjects in different hospitals


  • Title of the Publication : A comparative study of midline hernioplasty Vs bilateral conventional hernia repair in patients with bilateral inguinal hernia
    Published In : Medical Journal of Smt N.H.L. Municipal Medical College
  • Title of the Publication : Unusual presentation of midgut malrotation with incidental nutcracker syndrome in adulthood – case report and literature review
    Published In : British Medical Journal (BMJ Case reports 2012; doi: 10.1136/bcr/03-2012-6010)
  • Title of the Publication :Various Spectrum of MRI Findings in Articular and Para-articular Tuberculosis : Pictorial Assay
    Published In : Indian journal of surgery DOI10.1007/s12262-013-0979-0
Uro Oncology


Super Specialization

D.N.B; M.N.A.M.S, (Urology) At Sir Harkisondas Narottamdas Hospital And research Centre, Mumbai - 400004. August 1995 to June 1998.

Post graduation

M.S. (General Surgery) At M. P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. Passed in April 1994.

Medical graduation

M.B.B.S. At M. P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. Passed in August 1990.

Medical Registration

Gujarat Medical Council – G-19986.

Work Experience

  • Laparoscopic urology
  • Renal transplantation
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Pediatric Endourology
  • Uro-oncology
  • Endo-urology

Organizer Urology Workshops:

  • Endo - Urology workshop at Lion's Hospital, Mehsana in 1998. Director Dr. Manibhai Patel, California, U.S.A.
  • Role of Laparoscopic in Urology at Lion's Hospital, Mehsana in 1999. Director Dr. H. J. Ausban, California, U.S.A.
  • Advanced Flexible Endoscopies in Urology at Lion's Hospital Mehsana, in 2000 as a director Dr.Jay Patel St. luise, U.S.A.
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Work – shop at Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad in 2003.


MS, DNB - Urology (London)


M.B.B.S. 2007 – B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
M.s. (General Surgery) 2010 – V.S. General Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
D.N.B. (Urology) 2016 – Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital , Pune,Maharathra


Consultant Urologist At Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad
Consultant Urologist at Samved Hospital And Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Consultant Urologist at Samved Hospital And Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Neuro Oncology


M.B.B.S.; M.S. (General Surgery)
M.Ch. (Neurosurgery)

Education and Training

Senior Resident in Neurosurgery

B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital

Resident Clinical Assistant in Neurosurgery

B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital

Post Graduate Student in General Surgery

B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital

Certification and Licensure

December, 1988

Post Doctoral Degree Examination of M.Ch. (Neurosurgery), Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)

January, 1986

Post Graduate Degree Examination of M.S. (General Surgery), Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)

January, 1983

E.C.F.M.G. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April, 1983

Gujarat Medical Council

January, 1983

Graduate Examination – M.B.B.S. M.S. University, Baroda, Gujarat (India)

Professional Background

December, 2012

Consultant Neurosurgeon – SAL Hospital

April, 1997

Medical Consultant – Neurosurgeon to Physical Research Laboratory

August, 1998

Part time Consultant Neurosurgeon, Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, M.P.Shah Cancer Hospital,

October, 1996

Private Neurosurgery Practice, Pramukh Neurosurgical Hospital

March 1997 to 31-7-98

Visiting Neurosurgeon, Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, M.P.Shah Cancer Hospital,

September 1996 to December 1998

Honorary Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Health Honorary Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Health

June 1992 to 26-7-1996

Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery, Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery,

June 1991 to 31-5-1992

Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery Sheth K.M. School of Post Graduate Medicine and Research, Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College, Sheth Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital,

June 1989 to June 1991

Assistant Neurosurgeon, (Medical Officer) Department of Neurosurgery, Civil Hospital,

April 1983 to March 1985

Tutor (Lecturer) in Forensic Medicine, B.J. Medical College,



N.H.L Medical College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India


General Surgery
B.J. Medical College,
Gujarat University, Civil Hospital,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India


(Master of Chirurgirian) - Neurosurgery
Gujarat University, Civil
Hospital,Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Neurosurgical Experience

  • Endovascular coiling of intracranial aneurysm, carotid stenting, embolization of arteriovenous malformation and tumors.
  • Broad experience in surgery for various traumatic head injury ( > 2000)
  • Conducted microscopic brain surgery for brain tumors like glioma, meningioma, pituitary tumors, epidermoids etc.
  • Performed trans-sphenoid and trans-nasal micro neurosurgery for pituitary adenomas and craniopharyngiomas
  • Stereo tactic neurosurgeries for brain tumors, drainage of intracerebral hematomas
  • Endoscopic third ventriculostomy
  • Radiofrequency thermo coagulation for trigeminal neuralgia
  • Microvascular decompression for various neuralgia
  • Diagnostic cerebral DSA for stroke and intra-arterial thrombolysis
  • Clipping of intra cranial aneurysm
  • Awake craniotomy for brain tumors
  • Endoscopic trans-nasal surgery for skull based tumor

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant professor –Department of Neurosurgery- V.S. General hospital and N.H.L. Municipal Medical College (Ahmedabad)- year 2003 to 2008
  • Training of residents in M.Ch. neurosurgery and rotating housemen
  • Honorary lecturer at physiotherapy school- AIMS
  • Examiner for M. Ch. (neurosurgery) theory and practical university board examinations
  • Conducting public awareness programmes in association with NGOs
Spine Oncology


MS (Ortho) ,
PhD (Spine)


Senior Consultant - Spine Surgery
Fellowships in Spine Surgery Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and India (8-years)




Institution Name



The MS University of Baroda, Gujrat, India

MS (Ortho)


The MS University of Baroda, Gujarat, India

Ph.D.(Spinal shortening)


Korea University, Seoul, South Korea

Current Positions

Consultant Spine Surgery : Zydus Hospital, Ahmadabad, India
Honorary Spine Surgeon : V.S. Hospital, NHL Medical College, Gujarat Uni., Ellisbridge, Ahmadabad, India

Fellowships / Grants

  • July 2010-June 2011: AO Spine North America Clinical Fellowship Toronto Western Hospital, Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto, Canada (Prof. Micheal Fehlings, Dr. Stephen Lewis, Dr. Raja Rampersaud, Dr. Eric Massicotte)
  • Jan 2010-June 2010: Honorary Clinical Associate in Spine Surgery Duchess of Kent Children Hospital, University of Hong Kong (Prof. KDK Luk, Prof. KMC Cheung)
  • July 2009-Dec 2009: Clinical & Research Fellowship in Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
    Wooridul Spine Hospital, Seoul, South Korea (Dr. Gun Choi)
  • Feb 2007-July 2009: Clinical & Research Fellowship in Scoliosis Surgery Scoliosis Research Institute, Korea University Guro Hospital, Seoul, South Korea (Prof. Seung Woo Suh)
  • Jan 2006: Fellowship Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Chonnam National Uni. Hospital, Gwangju, South Korea (Prof. Jae-Young Chung)
  • Nov 2003-April 2006: Fellowship Spine Surgery Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad (Dr. Bharat R. Dave) and Stavya Spine Hospital, Ahemdabad

Awards & Achievements

  • 2010, Sept 21-24 : Russell A. Hibb’s Award winner- Scoliosis Research Society 2010 45th Annual Meeting, Kyoto, Japan. Basic science category for paper “Effect of Spinal Shortening on Motor-Evoked Potentials causing Spinal Cord Injury and on Spinal Cord Blood Flow”
  • 2008, Oct 16-18 : 52nd Fall Congress of Korean Orthopedic Association; Seoul, Korea. Best paper publication award by KOA for 2008 CORR paper.
  • 2008, 4th April : 25th Conference of Korean Society of Spine Surgery, Seoul, South Korea- “Posterior Multilevel Vertebral Osteotomy for Severe and Rigid Scoliosis- a Preliminary Study”- Paper presentation declared as “Best Paper”.
  • 1994 : Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (Conducted by Gujarat Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar) passed with 3rd rank in Gujarat state.
  • 1992 : New Secondary School Certificate Examination (Conducted by Gujarat Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar) passed with 3rd rank in Gujarat state.

Positions Held

  • March 2015 onwards- Consultant, Department of Spine Surgery, Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • July 2011- March 2015- Director, IndiaSpineTM Hospital, Memnagar, Ahmedabad
  • April 2013- February 2015- Consultant Spine Surgeon, Department of Spine Surgery, Narayana multispeciality Hospital, Rakhiyal, Ahmedabad
  • May 2013 onwards- Honorary Spine Surgeon, Department of Orthopedics, VS General Hospital, NHL Medical College, Ahmadabad
  • April 2010-March 2011- Clinical Research Professor at Korea University. Associted at Scoliosis Research Institute, Korea University Guro Hospital with Prof. Seung-Woo Suh
  • Nov 2004-April 2006: Associate Spine Surgeon “Stavya” Spine Research Institute and Spine Hospital, Ahmedabad, India (Dr. Bharat R. Dave)
    Running outpatient clinic for spine patients, take ward rounds, perform and assist spinal surgeries, and research activities
  • May 2006-Jan 2007: Consultant Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon “Nirmal”Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Surat, India
    Running outpatient clinic for spine and orthopedic patients, take ward rounds, perform spinal and orthopedic surgeries
  • June 2006-January 2007: As a Faculty in dept of Physiotherapy of Swaminarayan Physiotherapy college at Surat was responsible for taking Orthopedics classes for students and conducting exams


More than eighty-five (85) publications (including research papers, clinical and basic science researcher well as review articles) published in peer-reviewed well-known international journals done by Dr. Hitesh Modi.
I am still working on few more research articles. (See annexure)

Conference Presentations

I have presented more than sixty (60) podium presentations in various national and international conferences and workshops as a primary author and co-author.

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Spine surgery- Spinal deformity, minimally invasive spine surgeries, cervical spine surgeries, spinal arthroplasty, Spine research- Spinal cord trauma, spinal shortening research

Publications (more than 85 publications in international & nation journals)

  • Analysis of diaphragmatic movement before and after pulmonary rehabilitation using fluoroscopy imaging in patients with COPD. Chun EM, Han SJ, Modi HN. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2015 Jan 27;10:193-9.
  • Effect of posterior multilevel vertebral osteotomies on coronal and sagittal balance in fused scoliosis deformity caused by previous surgery: preliminary results. Yang JH, Suh SW, Cho WT, Hwang JH, Hong JY, Modi HN. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2014 Oct 15;39(22):1840-9. PMID:25299167 [PubMed - in process]
  • Multiaxial high-modularity spinopelvic (HMSP) fixation device in neuromuscular scoliosis: a comparative study. Hwang JH, Modi HN, Suh SW, Yang JH, Hong JY. Eur Spine J. 2013 Dec 18. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Does delaying surgery in immature adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients with progressive curve, lead to addition of fusion levels? Yang JH, Bhandarkar AW, Rathanvelu B, Hwang JH, Hong JY, Modi HN, Suh SW. Eur Spine J. 2014 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Changes in the spinopelvic parameters of elite weight lifters. Yang JH, Barani R, Bhandarkar AW, Suh SW, Hong JY, Modi HN, Yang JH. Clin J Sport Med. 2014 Jul;24(4):343-50. doi: 10.1097/JSM.0000000000000094.
  • Short apical rib resections thoracoplasty compared to conventional thoracoplasty in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery. Yang JH, Bhandarkar AW, Modi HN, Park SY, Cha JM, Hong JY, Suh SW. Eur Spine J. 2014 Apr 10. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Effects of vertebral column distraction on transcranial electrical stimulation-motor evoked potential and histology of the spinal cord in a porcine model. Yang JH, Suh SW, Modi HN, Ramani ET, Hong JY, Hwang JH, Jung WY. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2013 May 1;95(9):835-42, S1-2.
  • Clinical results of XMR-assisted percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic lumbar discectomy. Choi G, Modi HN*, Prada N, Ahn TJ, Myung SH, Gang MS, Lee SH. J Orthop Surg Res. 2013 May 25;8:14.
  • Intraoperative airway obstruction in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy patient. Yang JH, Bhandarkar AW, Lim BG, Modi HN, Suh SW. Eur Spine J. 2013 May;22 Suppl 3:S491-6.
  • Analysis of factors that affect shoulder balance after correction surgery in scoliosis: a global analysis of all the curvature types. Hong JY, Suh SW, Modi HN, Yang JH, Park SY. Eur Spine J. 2013 Jun;22(6):1273-85.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


  • M.B.B.S - Smt NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad, in 2005
  • M.S (Gen. Surgery) - Sheth L. G. General Hospital, Ahmedabad in 2008
  • M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) - Smt S.C.L. General Hospital, Ahmedabad in 2012
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon at HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India(since September 2014)

Dr Raghuvir Solanki is a renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon of Gujarat. After doing Superspecialization in Plastic surgery with Gold Medal, he got his advanced training in cancer reconstruction From Tata Memorial Hospital , Mumbai. He also got training at M D Anderson Cancer Centre, USA ,one of the best Cancer Centre in the world.

He has maximum experience of Head and Neck reconstructions in the state of Gujarat. He is famous for doing challenging head and neck cancer reconstructions and jaw bone reconstructions. His aim is to provide reconstruction with best possible cosmesis and functional outcomes.

He is also the only dedicated Plastic Surgeon of Gujarat having maximum experience in post cancer Breast reconstructions. He has got advanced training from St Andrews Centre of Plastic Surgery, United kingdom, for various breast cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. As a part of training programme at Tata Memorial hospital , he has trained many Plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India as well as overseas surgeons. He has many national and international presentations in his credit.

His area of interest is Post Mastectomy Breast reconstructions, Various Breast cosmetic procedures like Breast reduction, Mastopexy and Augmentation,Facial plastic surgery, Complex Head and Neck reconstructions, Jaw bone reconstructions and peripheral bony and soft tissue reconstructions.

Received Gold Medal From Gujarat University for securing the highest ever marks in the examination of M.Ch. Plastic Surgery held in 2012

Present Position

  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Zydus Hospitals, SG Highway, Ahmedabad

Work Experience

  • Worked as a Specialist Senior Resident in Department Of Plastic Surgery At TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai during 1st September 2012 to 31st August 2014
  • Trained under Internationally renowned Dr Prabha Yadav who is Head of the Department of Surgical Oncology and pioneer in popularizing free flaps in head and neck reconstruction in India
  • Independently done more than 200 free flaps in mere 2 years time period at Tata Memorial Hospital for cancer reconstruction (Mainly for Head and Neck, Bone and Soft Tissue, Breast related reconstruction with average success rate of more than 96%), some of them are
    • Free Fibula Flap for Mandibular, Maxillary and long bone reconstruction
    • Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Maxillary,Tongue & Buccal Mucosa Reconstruction, Cranio facial Defects, Chest wall defects and Limb defects
    • Whole Breast reconstruction with Free Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforar flap (DIEAP flap)
    • Bony Reconstruction with Allocombo Technique
    • Free Radial Artery Flap for Lip and Buccal mucosa defects
    • Free Jejunal flap for Pharyngeal Reconstruction
    • Free flaps for failed pedicle and free flaps
    • Locoregional flaps for various head and neck reconstruction,chest and back defects, abdominal defects, post groin node dissection defects, limb defects and perineal defects
  • Independently handled all departmental emergencies at Tata Memorial Hospital
  • Coordinator of Oncorecon workshop at Tata Memorial Hospital
  • Presented Papers in various State, National and international Plastic Surgery Conferences
  • Successfully managed all trauma related emergencies during M.Ch. training including replantation of fingers, hand injuries, facio maxillary injuries and limb injuries
  • In private practice at HCG Cancer Centre, Performed more than 250 free flaps with 98% success rate which is comparable to International Standards

International Observer Ship

  • Visiting Fellow, M D Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston TX, USA
  • Visiting Fellow, St Andrew’s Centre of Plastic Surgery, Chelmsford, UK


Plastic & Onco Reconstructive Surgeon

Radiation Oncology



Nuclear Medicine

Educational Qualifications

  • M.B.B.S : Completed in 2007.
    From: Government Medical College, Baroda under Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat
  • D.R.M./Diploma in Radiation Medicine (Nuclear Medicine)
    Completed in 2011. From: Radiation Medicine Centre (RMC), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai
  • Post Diploma DNB in Nuclear Medicine
    Completed in 2013 From: Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Cochin, Kerala
  • Fellow of European Board of Nuclear Medicine (FEBNM)
    Cleared in 2016 at Barcelona, Spain
  • Fellow of Asian Nuclear Medicine Board (FANMB)
    Cleared in 2017 at Yokohama, Japan

Additional Training/Qualifications

  • Certified Radiological Safety Officer (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Certified as Hospital Radiopharmacist

Work Experience

  • From 2013 to 2019:
    Consultant and Head, Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, Infocus Diagnostics, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Handled Nuclear Medicine Department (Dual Head Gamma Camera & PET-CT) in full-fledged radiology diagnostic set up
  • From 2011 – 2013:
    Worked as a DNB trainee and senior resident in Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Kochi, Kerala
  • From 2009 – 2011:
    Trained in various nuclear medicine imaging and therapeutic procedures as a part of Diploma in Radiation Medicine (D.R.M.) curriculum for a period of 2 years at the Radiation Medicine Centre, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai under Homi Bhaba National Institute (HBNI), Mumbai
Pain Management


MD, FIPM (S.Korea),